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Here at The Stylist’s Guide we have some exciting news! Last week, our creative director Alyse had a beautiful baby boy, Santino Luca Fantasia. Our team are beyond excited to introduce the newest member of The Stylist’s Guide crew to the world, a little boy that is sure to have the most beautifully styled birthdays and events for the rest of his days!

These perfectly styled celebrations began before baby Santino was born, with a lovely laid-back baby shower that was held by Alyse’s besties.

With the events industry being one that’s not a typical 9-5 and to ensure our clients are always feeling the love, we work around the clock responding to inquires, organising suppliers and of course, styling and managing events most weekends. Because of this, Alyse knew that the chance of having time to organise her own baby shower would’ve been slim; she was more than happy to sit back and simply enjoy the journey to becoming a mother, while ensuring all of her clients celebrated in style.

As you can probably guess, Alyse’s eight closest friends were having absolutely none of it, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. They asked her to pick a date, before locking her down for an intimate celebration. Knowing Alyse isn’t one for being the centre of attention, the baby shower was set to be small and stylish, just how she would like it.

The Stylist's Guide Baby Shower

The Stables of Victoria Park was chosen by the group as a perfect venue to celebrate, based on Alyse’s love for traditional Southern Italian food - an element that The Stables pulled together so deliciously on the day. Beginning with traditional Italian salumi boards and Aperol Spritzes on arrival, followed by pizza, pasta, and the ultimate calamari salad, the day was finished off with tea and coffees, Panatone bread and butter pudding, panacotta and tiramisu - the perfect Italian inspired feast! The girls were so impressed by the team, especially when they brought out Alyse a non-alcoholic spritz, so she didn’t miss out on her favourite cocktail.

The Stylist's Guide Baby Shower
The Stylist's Guide Baby Shower

As much as her friends organised everything to a tee, when it came to the styling Alyse was given the creative control to create some magic of her own - we all know how hard it is to pull away from your favourite thing to do! Lucky for her, Daniella from Utopia Design Studio is one of Alyse’s besties, who created all of the baby shower stationary, including name tags, swizzle sticks, games, welcome sign and stickers for the bonbonieres, plus came up with a gorgeous colour scheme for the afternoon.

Following the rustic, modern colour palette, Alyse asked Studio Botanic to create a gorgeous floral centrepiece featuring pampas grass, magenta roses, and a mix of flowers in warm tones that fit the rest of the styling perfectly.

Sticking with this palette, Alyse paired our white linen napkins with a magenta table runner and matching ties around the bonbonniere.


It was a beautiful day filled with lots of laughs, good friends and delicious food. We love styling and coordinating baby showers here at The Stylist’s Guide - shoot us an email if you need us to organise yours!

On Wednesday, August 28 at 5.58pm little Santino arrived, weighing in at 4,05kg and 52cm long, making Alyse and Biagio the happiest parents in all the land.

With Santino’s arrival, Alyse is having a little bit of time off to spend with her family, friends and beautiful bub, but rest assured the rest of our team are still on the clock to ensure you are perfectly looked after for your next event! If you have emailed us about an upcoming occasion, just know that the rest of our team are on to it.

Suppliers involved: 
Styling concept, set up and execution: The Stylist's Guide
Graphic Design concept and execution: Utopia Design Studio
Flower Arrangements: Studio Botanic
Bonbonniere: The Bake Space
Venue + Venue Coordinator: Kellie from The Stables of Victoria Park
Photos: Ollie Parker Photography

Alyse Vozzo